Scent Marketing

“Fragrance is the presence in the absence”

Scent marketing

Enhance your users’ experience,
Transform your brand into an imprinting scent

The smell is one of the most powerful senses that instantly and unconsciously impacts our emotions leaving a memorable experience etched in our sub-conscience.

By using scent marketing, brands can connect with customers on a deeper emotional level, resulting in a more memorable experience. Fragrance plays an important role in accentuating the equity of a brand and establishes itself as an indicator of the brand’s overall quality and performance.

For example, scent is the second most important driver of purchase in personal care. Similarly, two out of five consumers use the smell of their laundry as a proof of overall quality of cleaning and stain removal.

Our expertise enables us to produce imprinting scents representing your brand theme, story, and experience. We create your own unique signature fragrance.

Stimulation of the sense of smell is handled by the olfactory bulb and takes a direct route to the limbic system the region related to emotions and memories (The Harvard Gazette – 2020). It is this neurophysiological peculiarity that explains the link between smell, memory, and emotional reaction.

Therefore, a scent that is associated with a brand, can transport its customers on a journey and trigger the desired emotions and behaviors.

Create your scent signature

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